Supported Employment Services (SEP)

Vendor: HE0478

Service Code: 952

Program Entrance Criteria

  • Regional Center Consumer

  • 18 years old or older

  • Able to perform personal care independently

  • Able to self-administer medication or if unable to self-administer, takes medication outside of work hours

  • Must not present a danger to self or others

  • Able to communicate verbally, in writing or through alternative or augmentative communication

  • Must not require supervision to ensure safety

  • Most importantly, program participants must want to work!

Program Exit Criteria

  • Individual has met all Individual Service Plan objectives

  • Individual no longer wishes to receive services

  • Individual is unable to receive services

  • Individual is a danger to self or others

  • Interdisciplinary team consisting of Consumer, Regional Center, Dept. of Rehabilitation (if applicable) and InVision SEP determine the program is no longer meeting the needs of individual

  • Individual uses abusive language, makes threats, harasses others, theft, abuse of legal or illegal alcohol or drugs





Supported Employment Programs, Inc.